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Custom Facial

60 MIN 

$85 (price may vary)

While we have many pre-selected options that will leave you glowing, this is the most personal of them all. A quick assessment with our esthetician will determine which ingredients and methods are best for your skin to look and feel amazing. Each facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, serums, a neck & head massage, and a recovery mask that will leave you smooth and squeaky clean.

Acne Facial

75 MIN 


Banish blackheads & acne causing bacteria with this unique facial. Includes extractions, purifying mask, head & neck massage, and blue light therapy. Our esthetician, Amie, has over 25 years of experience working alongside surgeons, dermatologists, and MD's so you're in the best of hands. She specializes in all ethnicities and skin types and is skilled in performing extractions that leave no scaring or dark spots. 

Microdermabrasion - Diamond Facial

60 MIN




Buff that dead skin away! Our diamond tipped suction wand plays the star role here by gently exfoliating while ridding of dead skin & black heads. This treatment also helps lessen fine lines and wrinkles and prevents acne-causing build up. The final result is a fresh look that feels nothing less than fantastic! Includes extractions, mask, and head & neck massage.

Add on a dermaplane treatment for just $35 more, and really spice it up!

Fire & Ice Facial

60 MIN




Why is this treatment so popular in Hollywood? Because it's the quickest and most effective facial to get that red carpet look in no time! It starts with a fiery warm refining mask made of all natural exfoliating ingredients. Then, an icy cool hyaluronic/aloe based hydrating and plumping mask is applied. The final result is radiant skin with reduced fine lines, and a glowing effect. No peeling, no down time. 

Oxygen Facial

75 MIN


Achieve a natural, smooth, and plump look with this celebrity skin treatment! The key component here is the oxygen serum by INTRACEUTICALS . Concentrated molecules of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals are lightly sprayed into the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) to promote maximum collagen growth, shrinking those wrinkles and tightening the skin. The oxygen machine then gently pushes those molecules even deeper via an oxygen bubble. This treatment is also good for acne and acne scars, as the oxygen shrinks the pores (preventing them from clogging) and speeds up cell turnover. Noticeable results are instant!

treatment does include dermaplane.

Back Facial

60 MIN


Cleanse those tough-to-reach spots with a relaxing back facial. This treatment mimics the same techniques used in a face treatment. A deep cleaning of the pores, extractions, and a purifying mask will leave you glowing and more confident in the bikini or backless dress!

Nano Facial

60 MIN


*package pricing available

This facial is just what the doctor ordered for fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture, and minimizing scarring. Nanotechnology is used to create microscopic pathways in the skin. A combination of this and a custom serum made just for you, hydrates skin at the deepest level, resulting in immediate collagen production to smooth skin texture and bring back your natural glow.

Add on dermaplane to this treatment for even better results!




Want a little something extra? See our add on options below.





Peach fuzz is for peaches. You are not a peach. This treatment will remove all vellus hair and surface dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, more refined and brighter surface. Add on to any facial. The results are a peaches and cream complexion. Now that’s more like it! 

Oxygen Infusion




Add an oxygen serum infusion to bump up your facial game. Hyaluronic acid with vitamins and peptides are pushed into the skin’s cellular level via oxygen bubbles. The results are hydrated and healthy glowing skin. This red carpet treatment is a runway must!

Extra Extractions


(Per 20 mins)



20 minutes of extractions.


Lighten & brighten that skin.

Starting at $85


We offer several acid peels for lightening and brightening the skin, banishing dark spots & acne scars, controlling oil production & bacteria, reducing fine lines, and removing dead skin. Speak with our esthetician to find the right treatment for you.

We can't wait to see you!



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